The Algarve is a great destination to visit year-round, but the Algarve in winter offers a number of advantages, including milder weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices.

Lady dressed in jeans and red coat walking along the beach Algarve in winter
Algarve in Winter

Is the Algarve worth visiting in the Winter?

Is the Algarve worth visiting in winter? Yes, the Algarve is definitely worth visiting in the Winter. In fact, it may be the best time to visit if you are looking for a more relaxed and affordable holiday. The weather is still mild and sunny, and there are fewer crowds than in the summer months.

We all know the the Algarve is a perfect summer destination,  known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and mild climate. However, many people are unaware that the Algarve in winter is paradise.

Our Algarve Travel Tips Guide will give you all the best tips and locations to visit during the winter in the Algarve. When we speak to friends or tourists that only come to the Algarve during the Summer have no idea how beautiful the Algarve is in winter. Some even them ask us  “Is the Algarve open in the winter?” 

What is the winter like in Algarve?

  • Fewer crowds: The Algarve is much less crowded in the winter than in the summer, so you can enjoy the beaches, restaurants, and attractions without having to queue or pre-book a table in a restaurant.
  • Mild weather: The Algarve has a mild winter climate,  The average temperature in January and February is around 16 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit). This means that you can still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in the winter, without having to worry  about it being too cold.
  • Lower prices: Hotel rates, restaurant prices, and other tourist expenses are typically lower in the winter than in the summer. This makes it a great time to visit if you are on a budget.
Boardwalk in Carvoeiro overlooking the coast with blue skies
Carvoeiro Boardwalk

Tips for visiting the Algarve in winter

Here are a few of our  tips when you’re planning to  visit the Algarve in winter:

  • Pack for all types of weather: The weather in the Algarve can be unpredictable in the winter, so it is a good idea to pack for all types of weather. During the day the weather can be sunny and mild, but, the  evenings and nights are cold.  Bring a jacket or sweater, as well as shorts and t-shirts.
  • Book your accommodation in advance if your planning a long stay: If you are looking to book a longstay accommodation in the Algarve in  winter, we recommend you book early to get the best winter rates. Most people book from one year to the other. 
  • Rent a car: During the winter a car is the best way to get around the Algarve, especially in the  when public transportation is less frequent in the winter. 
  • Be aware of the opening hours: Some restaurants and shops may be closed during the winter months, so it is a good idea to check their opening hours before you go. All major shopping centres as well as large supermarkets operate normal hours. 

What to do in Algarve in Winter

The Algarve in Winter has so much to do and offer. Take advance of our mild climate and mostly sunny days. These are our Favourite  “what to do in Algarve in Winter”  Are you up for the challenge and tick all the items on the list?;

  • Enjoy the Autumn & Winter fairs. 
  • Woodern Boardwalk Hiking trails throughout the Algarve.
  • Visit Faro Chapel of Bones
  • Visit Algar Seco
  • Surf in Sagres
  • Visit vinyards and wine tasting experience.
  • Local Christmas fairs.
  • Visit Ponta da Piedade
  • Visit Sagres.

For that odd rainy day in the Algarve in Winter;

  1. Aquashow Indoor Aquapark
  2. Shopping centres
  3. Go to the Cinema

Weather in Algarve in winter

The weather in Algarve in winter: With mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine, the Algarve is a great winter destination. While the sea may be too cold for swimming, you can still enjoy the gorgeous, uncrowded beaches.

Even in winter, the Algarve is a popular destination for tourists who want to escape the cold weather of northern Europe.

The average temperature in the Algarve in winter is around 15°C (59°F). However, it can be colder at night, and the temperature can drop below freezing on rare occasions especially in certain inland locations.

The average ocean temperature in the Algarve in winter is around 17°C (63°F).

The Algarve in winter  is still a great place to visit. The weather is mild enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and golfing.

You will get plenty of days with blue skies and sunshine. Trust us you will still be able to get a great tan on those nice sunny days. If you go to a sheltered beach such as the Award winning  Falesia Beach you will be protected from the wind by the beautiful orange and yellow cliffs.

We recommend you check the daily weather report for the Algarve

Average Winter Temperature in Algarve

We have set out a table and graph showing the “typical” average winter temperature in Algarve. These temperatures can vary depending on climate conditions.

Average temperature (°C)Average temperature (°F)
Graph showing Average Temperature in Winter in Algarve
Average Temperature in Winter in the Algarve

Average Winter Ocean Temperatures in Algarve.

Average temperature (°C)Average temperature (°F)
Graph showing average ocean temperature in the Algarve during winter
Winter in Algarve Average Ocean Temperature

Are Aquaparks open in Winter in Algarve?

Yes, The Aquashow Indoor Waterpark is open all winter in the Algarve. The aquapark is open every day from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm.

It features indoor pools, water slides for the whole family including slides specially designed for Children and jacuzzi.


The new Aquashow indoor park is a  new waterpark that opened its doors in 2022.  Aquashow Water Park is known to be the best  Water Park in the Algarve during summer and winter.

On those rainy days where you can not do outdoor activities we highly recommend going to the Aquashow Indoor Park. It is an experience worth while.  

You can book to stay a maximum of  2 or a 3 hours. Prices start from 15 euros until 35 euros per person. 


Aquashow indoor pool with rock form features
Aquashow Algarve Winter Aquapark

Photo from Aquashow park website