Without a doubt, Praia da Fabrica in Cacela Velha is one of the best beaches of Algarve.

Discover the charm of this secluded beach in the heart of the Algarve.

Aerial Praia da Fabrica beach

Praia da Fabrica – Cacela Velha

A Paradise Beach in the Algarve

The Algarve is known for having a stunning coastline and beautiful beaches, and Praia da Fábrica is no exception.

Located in the picturesque eastern Algarve, this hidden gem offers a remarkable beach experience that captivates visitors with its unmatched beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

The enchanting Praia da Fábrica, uncovering its breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history, makes it a must-visit destination for beach lovers.

This hidden paradise is a haven for travelers seeking a peaceful day on the beach away from crowded beaches.

A Beach of Unmatched Beauty

Stretching for approximately 1.7 kilometers, Praia da Fábrica, also known as Praia do Sítio da Fábrica, boasts pristine golden sands and captivating scenery.

Praia da Fabrica is renowned for its ever-changing landscape, shaped by the gentle winds and tides.

Each day, the arrangement of sand strips creates a mesmerizing visual tapestry that will leave you amazed.
The crystal-clear waters of Praia da Fábrica provide a refreshing escape from the summer hot weather, inviting you to swim and enjoy its beauty.

During low tide, natural pools and lagoons appear along the shoreline, offering an opportunity to explore the intriguing marine life.

praia da fabrica beach cacela velha Algarve
Praia da Fabrica – Cacela Velha- Algarve credit to ATT

Gateway to Ria Formosa Natural Park

Praia da Fábrica marks the eastern boundary of the renowned Ria Formosa Natural Park.

This exceptional natural park is a haven for diverse plant and animal species, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders.

Explore the park’s marshes, lagoons, and dunes, and be amazed by the richness of its biodiversity.

Despite its popularity, the beach has managed to maintain its unspoiled charm.

This unspoiled charm is due to its strict conservation efforts and commitment to sustainable tourism.

You will not see any high-rise buildings or commercial shopping.

You can enjoy its natural, authentic beauty.

Fascinating History and Surroundings

What sets Praia da Fábrica apart is its intriguing history.

The island and the remaining peninsula contribute to the natural barrier that safeguards the nearby Ria Formosa Natural Park, protecting it from the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Adjacent to the beach, you’ll find the charming fishing village of Cacela Velha.

This traditional Portuguese village offers a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage and cultural significance.

Walk through the cobbled stone streets and admire the whitewashed houses that create a postcard-perfect setting.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção.

A 16th-century church and the Fortaleza de Cacela, an imposing fortress built in 1770 to defend against pirate invasions.

Cacela Velha Forte with beach in background
Fortaleza de Cacela over looking beach and Ocean – give credit to ATT

How to Reach Praia da Fábrica

There are several ways to reach Praia da Fábrica:

  • By Car: If you have a car, you can park near the restaurants at Sítio da Fábrica. However, parking spots are limited, so it is advisable to arrive early. 
    • You can also park on the road leading to the carpark. Parking is limited, so it is recommended to go early and ensure you get a parking space. 
  • By Boat: A unique feature of Praia da Fabrica is the access to the beach; you will need to take a small boat ride crossing the Ria Formosa onto the beach. 
    • Local fishermen offer boat transportation for a small fee. 
    • Boat trips operate during the summer, depending on weather conditions. 
    • The boat ride will add a little adventure, especially for the kids. 
    • It’s a quick boat ride. It will only take a couple of minutes.
  • Walking across: For the more adventurous, reaching the beach by walking through the water during low tide is possible. 
    • You can wade across from Cacela Velha or Fábrica, but be prepared to carry your belongings above your head. 
    • Remember that this option may not be suitable for everyone due to the depth of the water.

A Tranquil Beach

Since the 1960s, Praia da Fabrica has been transformed into a peaceful and secluded beach, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.

The beach’s natural beauty, with its dunes, cliffs, and pristine waters, has attracted visitors worldwide.

The water is warmer and crystal clear. 

Don’t be surprised if you see small fish swimming alongside you.

During low tide, the beach doubles in size. Walking along the beach and observing the bright golden sand for miles is enjoyable.

Live Daily Tide Times for Cacela Velha. You will know beforehand what time the high & low tide is and the height of each tide.

Suppose you’re looking for an unspoiled beach with golden sands and clear waters.

Praia da Fabrica in Cacela Velha is the beach you must visit.

Algarve Beaches-Praia da Fabrica
Low tide at Praia da Fabrica Beach- credit to ATT

During low tide, you will almost certainly see locals digging in the sand with their hands or feet. What are they doing? 

It is common to find fresh clams. If you agitate the wet sand, they will come out and can be easily picked.

If you pick some clams, here is an excellent Portuguese Clam Recipe.


fresh clams in Algarve
Freshly picked clams – credit score to ATT

Can’t-Miss Boat Trips in Ria Formosa: Discover the Algarve’s Hidden Gems

The eastern Algarve is home to the Ria Formosa, a UNESCO-protected lagoon system that is one of the most biodiverse areas in Portugal. With its crystal-clear waters, lush mangrove forests, and abundant wildlife, the Ria Formosa is a must-visit for nature lovers.

There are a variety of boat trips available that will take you to explore the hidden gems of the Ria Formosa. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hotels near Praia da Fabrica – Cacela Velha

Casa Castor – These apartments are on the Ria Formosa overlooking the beach. 

These Studio apartments can sleep up to 4 people. 

If you don’t feel like going to the beach, you can spend the day around the pool.

Conchas da Fabrica – Conchas da Fabrica offers air conditioning.

The accommodation is 500 meters from the Cacela Velha Beach and has free WiFi throughout the property.

Conchas da Fabrica is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom; bed linen and towels are included; the TV has a variety of satellite channels, a dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen.

There is also a terrace with sea views.

A Casa de Cima – This accommodation offers Double and deluxe Rooms and beach view rooms. 

Ideal for couples or families with a child.


Why not plan your trip today and discover Praia da Fabrica beach?

FAQ on Praia Da Fabrica

What is the average water temperature during the Summer? : 19.5 ºC – 21.5 ºC

Is the Beach ideal for Families with Children? : Yes, this is a family-friendly beach, with calm waters and plenty of space to play and build sandcastles. 

Is there a lifeguard on duty? : Yes, between June to September.

Can you hire sunbeds? : Yes

Are there toilets & Showers? : Yes

Is the beach a wheelchair Accessible Beach? No

Can I buy food and snacks? Yes, there is a very small snack bar for cold drinks and coffee. There are no actual restaurants on the beach. It is recommended you take a couple of sandwiches with you.

Are animals allowed on the beach? Animals are not permitted on the beach from June – September

GPS coordinates : 37° 9’4.55″N 7°32’56.83″W

How to get to Praia da Fabrica from where I am?

Click on the map below and see which is the best way to get to Praia da Fabrica from your location.