Fuseta Beach awaits, promising tranquil swims, exciting adventures, and delicious discoveries. Start planning your escape to this hidden paradise.

Areal of Fuseta Beach and island in Fuseta Algarve
Praia da Fuseta Beach – Algarve

Praia da Fuseta Beach - Two Beaches, One Destination!

Nestled within the Ria Formosa Natural Park, Fuseta Beach offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure in Portugal’s stunning Algarve region. Whether you’re seeking calm waters for family fun or pristine shores for exploring, Fuseta Beach has something for every beach lover.

Praia da Fuseta Beach isn’t just one stretch of sand, it’s two distinct experiences waiting to be discovered:

  • Praia da Fuseta Beach Lagoon: This mainland gem boasts calm, shallow waters, making it ideal for families with young children. Sunbathe on the soft sand, build sandcastles, or splash in the gentle waves. Enjoy convenient amenities like restaurants, bars, and restrooms close by.

  • Praia da Fuseta Beach  Island (Ilha da Fuseta): Accessible by a short ferry ride, this island paradise offers a wider, less crowded beach with breathtaking scenery. Swim in crystal-clear waters, explore tide pools teeming with life, or try exhilarating water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Praia da Fuseta with white sand and crystal clear blue water
Fuseta Island Beach

Where is Fuseta Beach?

The Praia da Fuseta beach is located in Fuseta, a small fishing village belonging to the Olhão Municipality.

GPS Coordinates: 37.047746709600176, -7.753828555981706

This incredible beach and island is only 9.4 km ( 5.84 miles) from Olhão. 

From Faro it is a short drive of  19.2 km (11.93 miles).

From Albufeira the beach is 52.50 km (32.62 miles)

statue of fishman holding a fish on roundabout in Fuseta
Fuesta a Fishing town. Credit to ATT

How to get to Praia da Fuseta?

By Car:

Praia da Fuseta beach has easy access as it is just off the EN125 a toll-free road that crosses the Algarve horizontally from East to West.

During the Summer months, the EN125 can get very busy and very time-consuming when you are trying to get from one location to the other.

There are two well signed turn-offs to the town of Fuseta. One is a set of lights and you will see a sign for the  town. This is a more direct root where you will go over the train rails, past the train station. if you look on your right side you will not only see the beautiful Ria Formosa but as this is a small fishing town  you will also see small fishing boats, nets and fishing accessories on the side of the banks. 

The other turn-off just a short distance away of sign saying Fuseta and Camping. This will take you around the outskirts of the town.

If you want to faster route you can travel along the A22 (this is a toll road) and you will take the Exist Nº 15 – Moncarapacho. As you come off the exit onto a roundabout you will see a sign to Montcarapacho & Fuseta. Follow this road and it will take you straight into Fuseta (9.8 km).


Does Fuseta have a train station?

Fuseta has two train stations Fuseta and also Fuseta-A. They are seven minutes train ride away from each other.

The train that goes through Fuseta is the Regional train  Lagos to Vila Real Santo Antonio. Train Time Table to Fuseta Beach.

We have highlighted the train station to make it easier for viewing. You can Buy Train Tickets online which is easier and quicker. the tickets booths are only open during working hours. 

The closest to the Beach is Fuseta-A. It will be an approximately 10-minute walk ( 750 meters) to the beach. 

view of the river showing small boats tied up at port
Fishing boats along the river. Credit to ATT

Praia da Fuseta Beach - Ria (Lagoon)

This beach is ideal for families with small children. There are little or no waves, the water is warmer and shallow water compared to the beach on the island.

This beach is also known to the locals as the “Praia dos Tesos” ( poor people’s beach), the locals say that the rich will take the ferry to the island. 

The beach is spacious and has a lifeguard on duty during the summer months from June – September to ensure your safety.

You can bring your own umbrella or rent an umbrella and sunbeds on the beach.

Enjoy a meal or drink at the restaurant and snack bar Borda d´água over looking the beach.


Fuseta beach ria (lagoon) during low tide
Fuseta Beach (Ria). Credit to ATT

Praia da Fuseta Beach - Mar (Sea)

To get to this beach you need to catch the ferry and in under 10 minutes, you will arrive at the Fuseta Island Beach. 

The long narrow but never less very spacious beach is less crowded and great during the peak summer months when the Algarve is at its peak in tourism. 

The water is crystal clear warm water and white sand that stretches beyond our eyesight.

Most people stay close to the pier where the ferry drops you off, personally, we would highly recommend you walk a little further down the beach. 

Where to eat at Fuseta Island Beach?

Barraquinha Do Saldanha is a great place to have a light snack such as a toastie, hamburger, salad or a new cold drink. They have outside seating and also offer free wifi. 

The Praia da Fuseta Beach island is a great place to spend an enjoyable day with family and friends. Also a great location for a romantic day with a loved one.

Things to do at Fuseta Island?

Just like the Fuseta Beach (Ria) it is a great location for families with children, build sand castles, play ball games with them, and enjoy great family time.

If you like sports you can windsurf, parasailing and kitesurfing.

If you love to walk along the sea you can walk to the Armona Beach, located on your left when facing the sea. Armona Beach and Falesia Island beach are on the same island. It is a long walk between the two beaches, but an enjoyable walk with stops to enjoy the warm crystal clear water.

Areal of Praia da Fuseta Beach with the Ria formosa in the background, white sand and blue ocean
Fuseta Island on the Ria Formosa

Golden sand, blue skies and ocean on the island of Fuseta in Olhao

Where to stay at Fuseta Beach?

Fuseta does not have any hotels, but, it’s not short of high-quality accommodation, catering for everyone’s needs and budgets.

If you would like to stay in Fuseta to explore the town and also the neighboring towns and beaches on the Ria Formosa we recommend the following accommodations.

Luxury Accommodation – 4 stars

Fuseta Apartments – Bela Vista & Vista Mar Penthouses – 700 meters from the beach. These two-bedroom apartments with high-quality furnishing.  Outside pool, free parking, Wifi. Rated 9.5 on booking.com.  For the best rates and online booking at Fuseta Apartment Penthouses

Spend your holidays on a boat on the Ria Formosa? Imagine waking up to the beautiful view of the Ria Formosa, and experiencing the best sunset!

You will have your private boat to explore the islands! The  Boat is fully equipped to make your meals, with a large double bed, and also a sofa bed allowing up to 4 people to sleep on the boat. This mobile houseboat books fast, so don’t miss out on surprising your family, or a romantic getaway with your loved one. Find out more and book Barco Casa Fuseta

Accommodation Ideal for Families

One-bedroom beachfront apartment sleeping up to 4 people. This apartment is ideal for families as it is beachfront and also close to all the restaurants, and supermarkets in Fuseta. Great Value for money Apartment. View this beautiful one-bedroom beachfront apartment and spend a great holiday with your family in Fuseta

Does Fuseta have a camping site?

Can you camp at Fuesta Beach? Fuesta has a great camping site that allows for tents and caravans. The camping site in on the beachfront and next to the Ferry Pier.

If you are on a tight budget or have your own caravan, the Fuesta Camping site is a great option for you.

It is open all year round and very popular for winter-long stays. A great location to spend the winter in the Algarve at a low cost.

The Fuseta Camping ground has hot water for washing your clothes and also hot water for washing dishes, showers, supermarkets, reception. 

Address: Rua da Liberdade 2 Apartado 50, Fuseta, Olhao 8700-019 Portugal

Email: atendimento@uf-moncarapacho-fuseta.pt 

Telephone : +351  289793451 / +351 912264921

GPS Co-ordinates: 37.054506682083556, -7.744553585420096

exterior of Fuseta Camping site
Fuseta Camping Site. Credit to ATT
exterior of Fuseta camping site
Fuseta Camping Grounds. Credit to ATT

How do you get to Fuseta island?

The best way to get to the Fuseta Beach Island is to catch the ferry from the Fuseta mainland. 

The ferry runs regularly from 9 am and the last ferry at 7:30 pm.  Running every 15 minutes.

During July and August, the first ferry is at 8:30 am and the last ferry is at 7:55 pm. The ferry runs every 10 minutes.

The cost of each ticket is as follows;

Adults: 1.60 euros one way ticket. Return ticket is 2.15 euros

Children: 1.05 euros one way ticket. Return ticket is 1.60 euros.


Sunset at Fuseta with ferry going to the island
Catch the Ferry on the Pier

Where to buy the ferry tickets to Fuseta Beach island?

The ticket booth is well signposted and will open 15 minutes before the first ferry leaves.

In July and August, you may find long queues so we advise you to arrive early to buy your ferry tickets and make the most of your day on this beautiful natural island on the Ria Formosa.

Ticket office for Fuseta Island
Where to buy your ferry tickets. Credit to ATT.

Where to catch the ferry to the Fuseta Island?

To catch the ferry is very easy, once you have bought your tickets just cross the road along side the river and walk a couple of meters up the road and you will see the pier where you will catch the ferry. Mind you step as you get on and off the pier.

Ferry Pier at Fuseta
Where to catch the ferry. Credit to ATT.

Can you park at Praia da Fuseta Beach?

There is a free car park right next to the beach and the Fuseta Camping Ground. You can also park in the back streets into the town.

In summer months there is a small dirt car park just as you go past the Fuseta Market. it will cost you 2 euros for a whole day. if you can’t find parking next to the beach, this is a great option for a small price.

Car Park at Fuesta next to the Beach
Free Car Park. Credit to ATT.

Where to eat in Fuseta?

Does Fuseta have restaurants close to the Beach?

Definitely, Fuseta offers great restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. 

If you are looking to eat in Fuseta, you will not be disappointed in the selection of restaurants, pastelarias with the freshest local ingredients.

Casa Corvo  – Fuseta

Address: Largo 1º Maio – Fuseta

Located just before the main roundabout in Fuseta Casa Corva offers fresh fish, grilled prawns, sardines, squid anda great variety of fresh fish.

For meat lovers, you also have a variety of beef dishes to choose from.

A great restaurant serving local fresh food.

GPS Coordinates: 37.05534454804468, -7.744764043354479

O Farol – Fuseta

Address: Avenida Professor Dr. César Oliveira – Fuseta

If you are looking to have  a cold beer, or have a coffee while relaxing and enjoying the view then o Farol Bar – Café is a great place to go. Small outside seating terrace bar.

 GPS Coordinates : 37.05344652575579, -7.74363704641752

Adega Do Sal – Fuseta 

Address: R. Gonçalo Velho, Fuseta

A new restaurant that opened in 2023. 

Adega do Sal serves a range of food from Japanese to Mediterranean dishes. 

GPS Coordinates : 37.05409536322819, -7.746924030688477

Maresia Restaurant – Fuseta

Address: Avenida 25 de Abril n 2, Fuseta

Each dish is prepared with care and the presentation of each dish is amazing. 

Not only do they serve fresh fish and seafood cooked to perfection, they also know how to cook the perfect steak.

When it comes to desserts it is hard to pick just one.

GPS Coordinates: 37.055001880972675, -7.744799508084349

Find the best restaurants in Fuseta and read all the reviews. 

FAQ on Praia da Fuseta Beach

What is the average water temperature of Praia da Fuseta beach during the Summer? : 20.0 ºC – 22.8 ºC. It may even get to 24.5º during July – September.

Is the Fuseta beach ideal for Families with Children? : Yes, it is an excellent beach for families with children 

Is there a lifeguard on duty at Fuseta Beach? : Yes, between June to September there are lifeguards on duty from 9 am to 7 pm every day.

Can you hire sunbeds? : yes

Are there toilets & Showers? : Yes

Is the beach a wheelchair Accessible Beach? Yes

Can I buy food and snacks? Yes. You have a wide choice of restaurants in the town of Fuseta. On Fuseta Beach Island there is a snack bar to buy food and drinks.

Are animals allowed on the beach? no, animals are not permitted on the beach between May – October. During the low season animals are allowed on the beach.

How to get to Praia da Fuseta Beach from where I am?

The town of Fuseta is so well located that it is easy to get to. Click on the map below and see which is the best way to get to Fuseta Beach from your location.

What other beaches are near to Praia da Fuseta Beach?

Once you have witnessed and spent a day at this beautiful beach in Fuseta explore the other nearby beaches;

 Praia do Barril – Tavira – Only 13 km distance from Fuseta Beach

Tavira Island Beach – 21 km from Praia da Fuseta

Praia da Armona Beach – 14.5 km from the Island of Fuseta.