Praia do Camilo, a hidden gem that has captivated the hearts of travelers, with a well-deserved reputation as one of the best beaches of Algarve. 

Praia do Camilo Lagos
Praia do Camilo Lagos. Credit to ATT.

Where is Praia do Camilo?

Discover the enchantment of Praia do Camilo, a captivating beach just moments away from Lagos town and neighboring Dona Ana Beach.

Cradled between cliffs and vegetation surroundings, its attraction is accentuated by panoramic views from the stairway. Renowned as one of Algarve’s premier beaches.

How many Steps are there in Praia do Camilo?

A 200-step wooden stairway awaits you. 

As you descend, the seemingly infinite steps gradually reveal the allure of Praia do Camilo, making the effort unquestionably worthwhile.

This remarkable stairway not only provides safe access to the beach but also offers a picturesque view reminiscent of a scene from paradise.

We recommend traveling light, the stairways can leave you huffy & puffy quite a bit especially when you make the return journey up the stairway.


stairways to Camilo Beach Algarve amongst the rocks
Stairways down to the Camilo Beach. Credit to ATT.


What is Camilo Beach known for?

Praia do Camilo is known for its captivating views of the surrounding cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.

A 200-wooden step descent leads to this fascinating golden sand & crystal waters.

Praia do Camilo a Pristine Oasis of Tranquility guaranteeing an enchanting seaside escapade unlike any other.

Beautiful Beach of Praia do Camilo amongst rock form and golden sand and blue sea
beautiful beach for swimming and relaxing

During high tide the beach looses half its size, but it doesn’t loose its beauty.

It is advisable to time your visit during low tide to fully appreciate the beach’s splendor and ensure ample space for relaxation.

The beach has crystal clear waters which are perfect for swimming and you can also do some snorkeling.

Regardless of the time of year, Praia do Camilo remains a picturesque destination.

In the winter months, it transforms into a true paradise, offering tranquility and solace.

During the summer, it becomes a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, which can lead to crowded conditions.

To make the most of your visit, we suggest arriving early to secure a prime spot.

Praia do Camilo offers the best breathtaking sunset from the majestic cliffs above.


Praia do Camilo - Perfect Beach for Swimming

Dive into the serene waters of Praia do Camilo, embraced by protective rock formations of Ponta da Piedade.

This tranquil beach offers an inviting haven shelter from southwest waves, providing a relaxing swimming retreat.

Perfect for both leisure and young swimmers to enjoy the ocean’s charm.

Additionally, the water is delightfully shallow and maintains a pleasant temperature.

Its mesmerizing emerald-green hue, coupled with its remarkable clarity, invites visitors to plunge into its refreshing embrace.

Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just looking for a peaceful swim,Praia do Camilo promises an unforgettable aquatic experience.

areal view of Camilo beach lagos
Praia do Camilo – Perfect for swimming

Praia do Camilo beach has a secret Beach?

How do I find and get to the secret beach? 

Once you have descended the wooden steps, facing the sea, look to your left. You will see a small tunnel that will lead you to a smaller beach that only is accessible through this tunnel. 

Normally there are fewer people on this part of the beach. Not everyone notices this tunnel.

Praia do Camilo - Wooden Boardwalk to Ponta da Piedade

The best way to see the scenic rock forms  along the coast? 

From Praia do Camilo Beach to Ponta da Piedade Farol (lighthouse) you must experience the 1.5 km wooden boardwalk.

It offers a picturesque and scenic walk along the stunning coastline of Lagos, Portugal. 

The boardwalk provides access to several beautiful viewpoints and secluded beaches, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  Along the way they have wooden seats so you can rest 

Wooden boardwalk from praia do camilo to ponta da piedade
Scenic Wooden Boardwalk from Praia do Camilo to Ponta da Piedade. Credit to ATT.

Book a Villa or Apartment Near Praia do Camilo Beach

If you book early you can still find accommodation within walking distance or only minutes away. 

Villas and Apartments at Praia do Camilo Beach most of them with privileged sea views.

FAQ about Praia do Camilo

What is the average water temperature during the Summer? : 18.5 ºC – 20.0ºC

Is the Beach ideal for Families with Children?:  Yes, this is a family-friendly beach, with calm waters and plenty of space to play and build sandcastles. 

Is there a lifeguard on duty? : Yes, between June to September.

Can you hire sunbeds? : Yes

Are there toilets & Showers? : No. Bathrooms are at the top of the stairs.

Is the beach a wheelchair Accessible Beach? No

Can I buy food and snacks?

Are animals allowed on the beach? Animals are not permitted on the beach from June – September

GPS coordinates : N 37.08739° W 8.66849°

How to get to Praia do Camilo from where I am?

The Best way to get to Camilo Beach is by renting a Car.