Quarteira Beach is known as one of the most popular and best beaches in the Algarve!

Not only because of its long sandy beach but also because it offers great accessibility.


Quarteira Beach with crystal water and golden sand

Quarteira Beach is ideally located.

The beach is located in the center of Quarteira. You can easily walk from nearby hotels & apartments. 

 If you are traveling by car you have several parking options along the Quarteira beach.

If you do not have a car. There is a bus terminal located right next to the beach, and from there, you can find bus connections to travel to other parts of the Algarve region.

The beach is approximately 2km and is divided into sections by a series of rock barriers, which serve the dual purpose of stabilizing the sand and offering some protection against the waves.

It’s important to note that the beach slopes sharply between the rock barriers, so extra caution should be taken during high tide to avoid unexpectedly deep water.


spacious beach with golden sand, bright blue sky
Spacious golden sand Quarteira Beach

The Quarteira beach is very popular with Portuguese holidaymakers during the months of July & August.  It can get a little crowded during those months.

Don’t be surprised if you arrive early morning or around lunchtime, & see an almost empty beach. However, you see several umbrellas and towels already set out.

This is a normal custom used by the locals to save their spot on the beach.

Quarteira Beach with white buildings in the background

As a known fisherman’s town, you can still see all the boats out at sea at night and also early morning.

Does Quarteira Beach have a live webcam?

The Quarteira Webcam is ideal way to see just how long Quarteira Beach is and also see some of its features.

There is a 24-hour, 7-day week live web camera facing the beach. 

If you want to see what the weather is like or even the sea conditions at any moment, Live Beach webcam at  Quarteira Beach allows you to see a panoramic view of the beach and its conditions. 


Quarteira Beach Promenade 

Quarteira Beach has a beautiful long & wide promenade.

If you just want to walk along the beach but not go onto the sand, we recommend a walk along the Promenade. 

The Promenade is also ideal for an early morning or sunset jog. 

Quarteira has an abundance of excellent seafood restaurants and cafes along the promenade and main streets.

If your looking for the best ice-cream in Quarteira, then you must stop at Geladaria Milan 2 on the promenade.

You can always enjoy a delicious meal in Quarteira.

Quarteira promendade with blue skies
Quarteira Promendade

Almost all the beaches in the Algarve have feet washers placed along the beach.

This is ideal when you come off the beach and you can just wash your feet and get all the sand off.

Quarteira Beach wooden feet washer, surrounded by sand

Quarteira Beach Swing

Right at the end of Quarteira Beach to the East you will find the Quarteira wooden swing. this is a popular location for that perfect photo.

As you swing you will get the feeling you are flying over the ocean.

Make sure you take a selfie or get someone to take a photo while you swing over the ocean.

wooden swing at Quarteira beach overlooking the ocean.
Quarteira beach swing

Quarteira Hotels near the beach.

Hotel Quarteira Sol – 4-star hotel. Quarteira Sol is only a minute’s walk from the beach.

Hotel Dom José – 3-star hotel – On the beachfront. Direct access to the beach.

Praia de Quarteira

Quarteira Beach FAQ 

What are the GPS Co-ordinates for Quarteira Beach? 37.0660° N, 8.1009° W

What is the average water temperature during the Summer? : 19ºC – 21ºC

Is there a lifeguard on duty? : Yes, between June to September

Can you hire sunbeds? : Yes

Are there toilets & Showers? : Yes

Is the beach an Accessible Beach? Yes, Quarteira beach is wheelchair friendly.

Can I buy food and snacks? There are plenty of restaurants and snack bars along the beachfront for a meal or a quick bite.

Are animals allowed on the beach? The beach is a dog-friendly beach during the winter season, usually between November – April.

During the summer you will see people walking their dogs along the beach before 9 am or after 7 pm (when there are no lifeguards on duty).

Is Quarteira Beach good for surfing? It is a safe beach for beginners. When the waves come from the south-west you can get some good surfing waves.

How to get to Quarteira Beach from where I am?

Click on the map below and see which is the best way to get to Quarteira beach from your location.