Tavira Island beach with golden sands, tranquil waters, and unspoiled landscapes define Tavira’s coastal charm. A haven where nature’s elegance meets the perfect seaside escape.

Areal View Tavira Island beach
Tavira Island Beach – Ilha de Tavira

Where is Tavira Island Beach?

Tavira Island Beach ( Ilha da Tavira) is a beautiful Ria Formosa Natural Park island.

It is a short, breath-taking 10-minute boat ride from Tavira’s old town. Enjoy the views of the Ria Formosa during the boat trip. When going to Tavira Island, keep your eyes out for flamingos in the background on your right hand. If you are returning, they will be on your left hand.

The Tavira Island stretches 11 km, picturing 11 km of a golden sand beach with restaurants, various water sports, and accommodation. 

Tavira Island comprises 3 beaches along the same Island. To the East is Tavira Beach, Praia Estreita ( Narrow Beach), and at the end to the left is the Praia do Barril.

Is there Public Transport to Tavira?

If you do not have a car or do not want to drive in the Algarve. You can catch public transport such as bus or train to Tavira.

Tavira Bus Terminal is located on  Rua dos Pelames only 600 metres from where you catch the Ferry to the Beach. There are direct buses from all major towns in Algarve as well as direct buses from Lisbon. 

Tavira Train Station is located on Largo de Santo Amaro. It is 1km (approximately 15-minute walk)  from the Ferry terminal. Check Tavira Train Schedule 

Where to Park in Tavira?

Where can you park in Tavira to catch the Ferry to the beach? There is a small free carpark on Rua das Salinas. It is only a 270 meters walk from the ferry.

The Tavira Municipality Market Avenida  Dom Manuel I has a free carpark. it is only 450 meters distance from the ferry. 

If you can not get a space here, try parking on the road that goes under the bridge and follow the river the road is called Estrada de Quatro Águas. Here you can also park for free onlong the road.

Parking on the back roads of  Tavira´s old town is paid with parking meters, not a good option if you plan to spend a whole day at the beach.


How to get to Tavira Island Beach?

To get to Tavira Island beach the best way is by boat or Ferry. You can catch the ferry in two locations; the centre of Old Town Tavira  Rua José Pires Padinha. GPS coordinates: N.37º06´58.5´´ W.7º37´43.9´´

You can also catch the ferry from Quarto Aguás which is 2km from Tavira. 

How much is the ferry to Tavira Island?

Buy your tickets directly  at the ticket booth by the pier in Tavira or Quatro Águas.

Price for each ticket from Tavira;

Adults –  1.45 euros 1 way or 2.50 euros return

Children (4 – 11 years) – 0.75 euros 1 way or return 1.75 euros.

Children under 3 years are free.

Ticket prices from Quarto Águas to the Island of Tavira. GPS coordinates: N.37º06´58.5´´ W.7º37´43.9´´

Adults –  1.10 euros 1 way or 1.90 euros return

Children (4 – 11 years) – 0.60 euros 1 way or return 1.00 euros.

Children under 3 years are free.

Ticket booth to buy tickets for Tavira Island ferry
Ticket booth for Tavira Island beach
Ferry to tavira Island with people getting off the boat
Tavira Island (ilha de Tavira) Ferry

Tavira Island Ferry

How long does the ferry take to Tavira Island? The ferry takes about 10 minutes to reach the island along the Ria Formosa Canals.

How often does the Ferry run? 

The Ferry runs all year round and several times per day to and from Tavira Island.

In July and August, there are departures every 15 minutes.

 From mid-June to the first half of September, the ferry departs every 30 minutes. From the first half of June to early October, every 45 minutes.

During Winter, the ferry departs every hour. The last ferry leaves at 4:05 pm.

Check the Tavira Island Ferry Schedule beforehand so you can catch the ferry.

During the summer, arriving early, at least 15 – 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, is advisable. This will give you time to buy tickets and get in the queue.

sun shining on Ria Formosa traveling to Tavira Island beach
Ferry Trip to Tavira Isand beach
beautiful blue sky along the Ria formosa
View from Ferry along Ria Formosa

Is Tavira Island worth visiting?

We’ve had people ask if Tavira Island is worth visiting? Yes, without a doubt, this beautiful beach is absolutely worth visiting and spending a day. It is an excellent beach for everyone, especially families with young children.

The experience commences with the short ferry ride along the canals of the Ria Formosa.

Once you arrive at the beach, you have 11 km of beach, so you will feel comfortable no matter how busy it is during the summer months.

If you like to walk along the beach, walk the three beaches, and you will notice that all three are unique and offer something different. On your way back, stroll along facing the Ria Formosa.

The most beautiful time to see the Ria Formosa is during low tide; you will see natural sand banks form. I can promise you will take breathtaking photos.

Tavira Island sign
Welcome to Tavira Island – Ilha de Tavira

Can you swim in Tavira beach?

Tavira beach is one of the Best Beaches of Algarve, known for its warm, clear waters, making it ideal for swimming. If you have children, they will love swimming and playing at Tavira Island.

If you like water sports, this is also a great location to practice water sports such as Surfing. Surfing is practiced right on the far east side of the Island.

Families should avoid this area and stay closer to the island’s center, where the waters are calm and have fewer waves.

Long golden sand beach with blue skies at tavira island beach
Beautiful golden sand Tavira Beach
Tavira Beach Sunbeds

Tavira Island Restaurants

Tavira Island offers vibrant and diverse culinary restaurant options. The island’s gastronomy reflects a blend of tradition, innovation, and the freshest fish and seafood caught in the surrounding waters.

Tavira Island restaurants cater for all budgets. You can eat the best seafood you have ever eaten, grilled fish including best grilled sardines between June to September when they are at their best to eat. Eat a XL toastie, burger or tapas.

Our personal favourite is   Ilha Formosa Restaurant. Love the fresh Sea Bream with vegetables and salad. They even remove the fish bones for you. You must leave room for dessert. The carob & fig slice cake (traditional Algarvian sweet) or an egg white roll cake with almonds and custard filling also another traditonal Portuguese Sweet. 

Fresh Seam Bream grilled with vegetables and salad at tavira Island restaurants
Fresh Grilled Fish- Tavira Island Restaurants
dessert plates with carob cake and egg white roll cake
Traditional Algarve Sweets

Top Restaurants we recommend eating at Tavira island

Our top recommendations to enjoy a meal on Tavira Beach Island.

  • Ilha Formosa Restaurant 
  • Restaurant Ferreira – here you can eat the best XL toastie, burger and tapas.
  • Restaurante Pavilhão da Ilha – excelente fresh seafood. Try the Prawn Skewer, freshly cooked crab.

  • Sal Restaurant  – Known for fresh fish dishes.
  • Restaurante Pavilhão da Ilha – Known for their grilled sardines and seafood rice.

  • Xiri Beach Bar – right on the beach great for drinks, cocktails and snacks.

To read reviews and a complete list of Restaurants from TripAdvisor

restaurant at tavira beach
Tavira Island Restaurants
Restaurant area at Ilha de Tavira
Restaurant area at Ilha de Tavira (Tavira Island)

Tavira Island Accommodation - Camping Site

Where to stay at Tavira Island?

The only accommodation on the actual island is the Camping Site Tavira Island. 

The camping site operates from 1st June until the 1st of October.

Duirng the summer months the camping ground reaches full capacity very quicky. If you are planning the stay on the island pre-book your space or tent beforehand.  

You can call them on + 281 320 580 for further information. Reservations have to be made by email 

Reception hours are as follows;

1 until 14 of June:

9H30 to 21H00 (Friday, Saturday & day before bank holidays)

9H30 to 19H00 (the remaining days of the week)

15 to  30 of June:

9H30 to 21H00

July & August:

8H30 to 22H00

1 until 16 of September:

9H30 to 21H00

17 until 30 of September:

9H30 to 21H00 (Friday, Saturday & day before bank holidays)

9H30 to 19H00 ((the remaining days of the week)

FAQ about Tavira Island Beach

What is the average water temperature of Tavira Island Beach during the Summer? : 20.0 ºC – 21.5 ºC. It may even get to 24.5º during July – September.

Is the Tavira Island beach ideal for Families with Children? : Yes, it is an excellent beach for families with children 

Is there a lifeguard on duty at Tavira Beach? : Yes, between June to September there are lifeguards on duty from 9am to 7 pm everyday.

Can you hire sunbeds? : yes

Are there toilets & Showers? : Yes

Is the beach a wheelchair Accessible Beach? Yes

Can I buy food and snacks? Yes. You have a wide choice of restaurants.

Are animals allowed on the beach? no, animals are not permitted on the beach 

GPS coordinates : N.37º06´58.5´´ W.7º37´43.9´´

How to get to Ilha Tavira – Tavira Island Beach from where I am?

Tavira is so well located that it is easy to get to Tavira. Click on the map below and see which is the best way to get to Tavira Island from your location.