The Algarve Airport, known as Faro International Airport is a hub for numerous international and domestic airlines, connecting the Algarve with cities across Europe and beyond.

Algarve Airport Faro

What is Algarve Airport Called?

When your planning your holiday to the Algarve, one of the first things you want to know is:

Does the Algarve have an airport? What is the name of the Algarve Airpoirt? Yes, the Algarve has one main international airport called Gago Coutinho International Airport or the most common name is Faro International Airport. 

All flights coming into the Algarve will land and Depart from Faro International Airport. 

Established on July 11, 1965, Faro Algarve Airport has since facilitated millions of flights, making it a vital part of the regional transportation infrastructure.

From January to October 2023, Gago Coutinho Airport welcomed 7.6 million visitors, underscoring its importance in regional tourism and connectivity.

Travelers can benefit from the airport’s duty-free shops, currency exchange services, and family-friendly amenities, making their journey more enjoyable.

The provision of free WiFi and information on the vibrant local culture and emergency services ensures a well-rounded and secure travel experience.

Direct flights from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland, and a new route from Newark, NY, demonstrate Faro Airport’s growing global connections. With its comprehensive facilities and strategic location, Faro Algarve Airport stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to facilitating global travel and cultural exchange.

Where is Algarve Airport Located?

Where is the Algarve Airport located? Faro International Airport (FAO) recently renamed as Gago Coutinho Airport is located just4 kilometres (2.5 miles) west of the Algarve’s capital – Faro. 

Faro Gago Coutinho GPS Coordinates 37° 1′ 9.6816” N and 7° 55′ 49.5840” W.

Address: 8006-901 Faro

The airport provides easy access to nearby tourist destinations and local landmarks, such as the stunning beaches of Albufeira, historical Loulé, and the scenic Alejzur. Its proximity to the Spanish border also offers opportunities for cross-border exploration.

Thanks to the A22 motorway, the trip from Faro Airport to the west coast in Alejzur takes just over an hour. 

Albufeira is only a  40-minute drive from Faro Algarve Airport. If you are travelling to Quarteira and Vilamoura it is practically next door at a quick 25-minute ride on the EN125 road.

Map of Algarve showing Faro
Algarve Airport located in Faro

How many terminals does Algarve Airport have?

How many terminals does the Faro Algarve airport have? Only one terminal for passengers the serves domestic and international guests.  there is also a terminal for Cargo in a separate sections of the airport.

Does this mean the Algarve has a small airport? It is small in size but not in traffic. Our Algarve Airport receives in summer over 9000 flights per month. Over a million of walk through Gago Coutinho per month. 

floor plan of Algarve Airport
Plan of Terminal 1 Gago Coutinho Airport

What is the Faro Airport Code?

All airports have Airport Codes. Faro Gago Coutinho airport IATA code is officially designated as FAO.

This three-letter code is used to identify the airport in aviation and travel industry communications.

The airport’s ICAO code is LPFR, which is used for air traffic control and other technical purposes.

Live Arrival & Departures times at Algarve Airport

Flight times are sometimes changed or be cancelled through the day. Make sure you check your departure time. The times we show are from the offical Faro Aiport schedule.

How long before my flight do I need to be at Faro Airport?

Before your flight departure, you need to be a least 2 hours. Please keep in mind that Faro Algarve Airport only has one terminal and therefore all flights check-in are processed at the same location. From our experience if you are travelling in the summer months try arrive at least 3 hours before to avoid the lastminute rush.

Plane flying in sky in the sunset

Free WiFi Connection

How do I connect to the airport’s free WiFi?

In just 3 simple sets you will be connected to Wifi.

1 – Turn on the WiFi on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

2 – Select the network “_VINCI Airports WiFi” and open your Internet browser.

3 – Accept the Terms and Conditions, then click “Connect” to establish the connection and you will be ready to access your favourite emails and websites for free

Which European countries fly direct to Algarve?

From which countries can you fly direct to Faro? 

Faro Algarve Airport primarily serves international flights within Europe, with more than 90% of its traffic originating or terminating in European countries. The United Kingdom reigns supreme in direct routes to the Algarve, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland. 

The majority of these flights are from Low Cost airlines ie. Easyjet or  Ryanair and Tour Operator companies such as Jet2 and TUI.

From the map below you can see exactly which European countries you can fly from directly to Faro.

map of Europe showing direct flights to Algarve Airport
Europe connected to the Algarve with direct flights

Direct Flights New York to Faro - New for 2024

For the first time as of May 24th 2024, you can fly direct from Newark NY Aiport in 7 hours 10 minutes to FAO.

There will be 4 weekly flights flying with American Airlines. This is the first time America has a direct flight into Algarve.

Restaurants and Cafes available at Algarve Airport

There is a selection of restaurants & cafes available throughout the three sections of the terminal.  

Before Security

  • Delta Café – Coffee and pastries.
  • Carlsberg Sports Bar – light food and Carlsberg beer.
  • Açaí Natura – healthy and balanced meal option with high nutritional value using Açaí from Brazil.
  • Paul – French bakeries and pastries.
  • Costa Coffee – UK brand with coffee and pastries.
  • The Travellers Rest – Great place to relax in the sunshine on the large outside terrace while you wait for your flight or if you are waiting for someone to arrive.  Great Breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, or just a small snack.

After Security

  • Costa Coffee – UK brand with coffee and pastries.
  • Eating Point – You will  find several kinds of snacks, and meals in the Pizza ‘N Co section, or have a drink at the Brewery.
  • SoHo – Buy an organic coffee, an offering of fresh hand-made and quality products.

After Security – Non Schengen

  • Burger King – Burgers and chips.
  • Pizza Hut – Pizza
  • Mulligan’s – An Irish offering a variety of cocktails and Irish beer. Eat a traditional English breakfast, try the burgers and famous jacket potato, which are house specialties.
  • Subway – American style sandwiches.
  • SoHo – Buy an organic coffee, an offering of fresh hand-made and quality products.
  • Carlsberg Sports Bar – light food and Carlsberg beer.
Terrace table and chairs outside Algarve Airport Faro
Enjoy the sunshine while waiting for your flight.

Wheel Chair Assistance - MyWay Service

Is Faro Airport wheel chair friendly? Does Faro Algarve Airport offer accessibility assistance to people with reduced mobility? Yes, you will definitely have assistance at Gago Coutinho Airport.

Faro Algarve Airport MyWay Service offers assistance to disabled people as well as people with reduced mobility. 

The MyWay service includes personalised accompaniment all around the airport, from the moment you arrive until you leave the airport or you board the plane.

When you get to the airport, go to your airline’s check-in counter or use the telephone at the MyWay point of contact and let them know you’ve arrived.

They help you get around inside the airport.

With the MyWay service, you’ll be able to use priority access routes to security and passport controls.

In addition, you can benefit from the waiting areas especially designed for you.

How do I book a MyWay Service?

At the time of booking your flight advise the airline or your travel agent you need assistance. You can also book this service upto 48 hours before your flight. 

map of My Way points at  Faro airport
Photo credit to Faro Airport

Algarve Airport - Faro Airport VIP Lounge

Escape the crowds and noise of all the tourist. Book your place at the airconditioned CIP LOUNGE and enjoy the private area and treats they have for you.

There are two CIP Lounges in Faro Algarve Airport.

CIP Lounge in Schengen Area  and also a CIP Lounge in the Non Schengen Area. Both lounges offer the same amenities.

Opening Times: 8:00 – 20:00

Price: €37.26 (VAT included) and €16.56 (VAT included) per child (ages 3 to 12). Prices are per person.

Maximum stay time: 3 hours.

What does the CIP Lounge offer?

  • International newspapers and magazines
  • TV
  • Computers with internet connection
  • Free internet
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Assorted Sandwiches 
  • Sweet and Salty Snacks 
  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Hot Chocolate and Milk.

There are some rules & Regulations that need to be followed.

Algarve Faro Airport Luggage Lockers

Are there luggage lockers at faro airport? Yes, If you want to visit Faro and don’t want to have the burden of  taking your luggage with you, you can leave your luggage at the lockers near P5 Car park.

What is the cost of renting a Locker?:

All the prices per item and per four-hour period:

Small luggage – 351mm X 457mm X 555mm =   €2.00 

Medium luggage –  351mm X 945mm X 555mm = €3.00 

Large Luggage –  525mm X 945mm X 555mm = €4.00

Loss of receipt: €40.00 (per day).

Minimum payment: 4 hours.

All additional payments are made at the time of collection.

The receipt received after renting your locker is only valid for one use.

After opening your locker before the time is up, you are no longer entitled to a refund of the amount equivalent to the period of time remaining.

Parking Options

If you need to leave your car in the car park while you travel, you have options starting from low cost car park rates to premium car park rates. Make sure you choose the right car park.

Kiss & Fly   – P0

If you are only dropping off someone and you are not going inside the terminal we highly recommend the Kiss & Fly option. You can park your car outside the departures terminal for free, but you can not stay longer than 10 minutes. 

Car Park – P1, P2 & P3

Carpark for cars. P1 is adjacent to Departures area & P2 is closer to the Arrivals area.

P3 is a slightly cheaper carpark as it is furthest from the terminal.

Car Park – P4, P5 & P6

Car Park P4 is a car park for rent a cars. 

Car park P5 & P6 is exclusive for Tourist buses and agencies such as Jet2 & Tui.

First 15 minutes1.10 €1.20 €1.10 €
Every 15 minutes after0.80 €0.90 €0.60 €
Maximum Daily Rate18.00 €19.00 €9.00 €
A Couple exiting Faro airport to the Car park at Algarve Airport
Gago Coutinho Car Park

Transport to and from Faro Algarve Airport

For transportation, the airport offers extensive options, including taxis, private transfers, and local bus services by Proximo. The Kiss & Fly zone and various car parks cater to different needs, while rental services and electric vehicle charging stations add to the convenience.

As Gago Coutinho airport is only 4km from the center of Faro, you can catch the local bus. If you decide to catch the local bus you will need to go the main bus terminal in the centre of Faro. unfortunately there are no direct buses from Faro Algarve Airport to other towns other than Faro.

The Bus Company is Proximo ( blue and white bus) the bus you will need to  catch is ;

Line  16 (time table & schedule) which will take you into the bus terminal in the center of Faro.  Each ticket bought directly on the bus is 2.70 euros in 2024.

The Bus terminal is the 13th Stop (last stop)

From the Bus terminal in Faro you can then catch connecting buses to the rest of the Algarve.

Where do I catch the bus?

The local bus stop is just outside the arrival area next to the P2 carpark. (GPS: 37.02135723129465, -7.968854475222641)


There is a taxi rank outside the terminal. 

All taxis have meters so you can see the cost of ride as you go. 

During the summer months as there are many flights coming in, you may have to wait in a queue for a taxi.

Pre-booked Private or shared Transfer.

We always recommend you pre-book a transfer from the Aiport direct to your hotel or accommodation. A driver will be waiting for you at arrivals  and you will be on your way to enjoy your holiday within minutes of arriving. We have full guide on Best transfers from Faro Airport

Car-Hire at Faro Airport

Faro Airport offers a wide selection of rental car hire companies. 

Some of the best car hire companies available include;






We always recommend you book your car before you travel allowing you to choose the best price and car to suit your requirements. If you leave it to book at the airport on arrival, you may not get a car, or it is not what you orginally wanted.

We have put together a Complete Guide to Renting a Car in Algarve. Our Guide will give you the best options, finding the small print on the contracts, all the extra charges you may not be aware, where to pick up your algarve rental car etc. It is a must read guide.