Selecting the correct Portugal plug adapter for your Algarve holiday is not just technical; it’s vital to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free holiday experience.
We’ll provide tailored recommendations for different scenarios, ensuring you have the correct adapter for every situation.

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Portugal Plug Adapter

What is a Portugal Plug Adapter?

As you plan your next holiday to the Algarve on your list, you will begin to add mobile phone chargers, hairdryers, PC/tablet chargers, kids’ portable TV chargers, etc.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the practical aspects of travel, such as ensuring you have a suitable Portugal plug adapter to keep your devices charged.

In our Algarve Travel Tips Guide, we’ll navigate through the complexities of travel adapters, focusing on what you need for your Algarve Portugal holiday.

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What plug adapter do I need in Portugal?

Like many European countries, Portugal follows its standards for electrical outlets. 

Understanding the specifics is crucial to avoid damaging your appliances during your holiday.

 Portugal typically uses Type C and Type F outlets with a standard voltage of 230V and also a frequency of 50Hz. 

The most common outlet today is Type F. The best option for an adapter is a Type F Portugal adapter plug.

Understanding these details is essential before selecting the correct Portugal plug adapter.


portugal plug c type

F type portugal plug

Do you need travel adapters for portugal from England or US?

Do you need a Portugal Travel Plug if you travel from the United Kingdom, the US, or outside the EU?

Yes, you will require a travel adapter to fit into Portuguese power outlets.

The UK is a flat 3-point plug. The Canadian and US are 2-point plugs, but the pins are flat and on an angle.

Do I need a Portuguese travel adapter if I’m traveling from Russia or Asia (except China)?

Suppose you are traveling to the Algarve from Russia or Asia, except China. In that case, you do not need a Portugal plug adapter, as your plugs are also Type C.


Best UK Plug for Portugal

I need to buy a UK adapter plug for Portugal.  Which is the best UK Plug for Portugal?

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Best US Plug for Portugal

I need to buy an US plug adapter for Portugal. Which is the best US plugs for Portugal?

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Why Using the Right Travel Adapter Matters?

Using an incompatible travel plug adapter can lead to potential damage to your electronic devices.

Moreover, safety concerns arise when dealing with different voltage standards. It’s not just about keeping your phone charged; it’s about ensuring a seamless and secure travel experience.

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Different Types of Travel Adapters

The Portugal plug adapter you need will depend on the plug type of your electrical appliances.

We have a breakdown of the available Portugal plug adapter options:

  • Universal Travel Adapter: This versatile adapter accommodates a wide range of plug types, making it an excellent choice for frequent travelers.


  • Type F Travel Adapter: This specific adapter is designed for devices that use Type F plugs, ideally suited for Portugal’s electrical outlets.


  • Type C and Type F Travel Adapter: This adapter accommodates both Type C and Type F plugs, ensuring compatibility with a broader range of appliances.


Do I need a voltage converter for Portugal?

You only need a converter if you’re using a device that cannot convert 110V to 220V.

Today, most devices have a dual voltage of 110V – 220V.

Therefore, to answer whether you need a voltage converter for Portugal, you will not need a voltage converter as Portugal has a voltage of 220V.

Where can I get a Portugal plug adapter in the Algarve?

You can still get one while on holiday if you have forgotten to bring a Portugal plug adapter.

Please speak to your hotel receptionist; most hotels have spare travel adapters they lend to guests.

If not, you can still buy one in the Algarve. Tourist Towns such as Vilamoura, Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, and Faro will sell in some supermarkets.

You can also buy a European Adapter in Shopping Centers such as Mar Shopping, Algarve Shopping, Forum Algarve & Aqua Portimão.

Stores such as Worten, Radio Popular and Fnac will also sell Portugal plug adapters.