Aqualand Algarve doesn’t disappoint when it comes to exciting thrilling slides. Aqualand Algarve in Alcantarilha. Offering a wide range of experiences that are ideal for all ages.
Aqualand Algarve 2 people sliding on white & blue water slide

Aqualand Algarve Opening times.

One of the first water parks in the Algarve and still one of the best Theme Parks the Algarve has to offer. The park will be open everyday from the 12/06/23 until 15/09/23.  Opening hours are as follows; June – 10:00 – 17:00 July – 15/09/23 – 10:00 – 18:00

Aqualand Algarve Park Map

aqualand Algarve Park Map

Buy Aqualand algarve tickets online

Want to save money and time? what is the advantage of buying your entry tickets online? Buying your tickets online will allow you to arrive at Aqualand Park, not have to stand in long queues to buy your tickets.  You don’t need to print your ticket, you can scan your smartphone ticket at Aquashow Park entrance.  Save money and buy your Aquashow Park Ticket now and save !

Planning Your Visit to Aqualand Algarve

  • It is strongly recommended you buy your tickets online beforehand and arrive early on the day to avoid long queues. Make the most of your day.
  • Don’t forget to pack and use sunscreen lotion. With the reflection of the water, and the hot summer sun, you are more likely to burn faster.
  • Take a towel, swimsuit /bathing suit. It is also recommended you take a change of clothing. You can rent lockers at the park if you don’t want to carry your things around the park.
  • Make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day. Take your own drinks or buy them at the park.
  • You can take your own food, drinks, and snacks. If you do not want to pack your lunch there are restaurants and snack areas to buy your food.

Aqualand Algarve: Exciting Slides and Attractions for All Ages

King Cobra- Aqualand Algarve  New 2023 Ride. The King Cobra Challenge Adrenaline lovers. Take on the king of all snakes in a breathtaking duel. You can face the King Cobra on your own or with a partner. You start the slide at nearly 25 meters above the ground. You’ll be given floats. Slide down the twisted body of the cobra, with sharp turns and light and darkness sections that will disorient you. At the most unexpected time, a large drop at 40% tilted will lead you directly to the head of the King Cobra. Will you make it through this exhilarating challenge? Minimum height restriction: 1,20 m.  Floats: for either 1 or 2 people. 
Aqualand Algarve- Cobra head red and white water slide
Aqualand Algarve – New 2023 King Cobra
Kamikaze – It will take approximately 4 seconds for you to go from a height of 36 meters to splashing into the pool. One of the most popular slides at Aqualand Algarve. This steep and fast slide will surely make your heart race. Banzi – Ride a 23-metre vertical drop, while you try to hold onto your board. This is not for the faint-hearted. Hydra slides – 3 covered water slides with twisting and turning.  Congo River – After all the adrenaline of the Kamikaze, Banzi, and King Cobra ride. It’s time to relax on a 270-meter-long river. You can travel the river on your own or with family & friends.
Family on Congo river at aqualand Algarve
Super surf – Race your friends, and see who is the fastest!
3 people sliding down a blue open slide
Surf Beach – Catch one of the waves in the Aqualand Algarve wave pool.

Is Aqualand Algarve ideal for families with young children?

Aqualand has two great areas for families with young kids;
Childrens paradise water park
Childrens Paradise
Children’s Paradise – Shallow water pools, and slides ideal for young kids Rainbow Park – An area filled with colourful mini slides, mushroom showers, giant crayons, and a lot of fun.
family having fun in Rainbow park pool area
Rainbow Park – Aqualand water Park

Can you take food into the park?

Yes, you can take your own packed food into Aqualand Algarve. Glass bottle are not permitted in the park. There are shaded areas where you can sit and eat or just relax.

How to get to Aqualand Algarve from my location?

Find out how far you are from Aqualand on google maps below. The park is within easy reach from any location in the Algarve. You can use the EN125 or you can use the A22 which is toll paid road. See what the Weather Forecast for Aqualand Algarve is before you book.