Zoomarine Algarve is a popular theme park. Learn everything you need to know about Zoomarine Algarve, including attractions, prices, hours, tips for planning your visit, and more.

3 Dolphins diving into pool at zoomarine algarve
Zoomarine Algarve – Dolphin Show

Zoomarine Algarve - When did it open?

Zoomarine Algarve is located in Guia, Albufeira. The park opened its doors for the first time on August 3rd, 1991. 

When Zoomarine opened its doors, the main attraction was Sam & Cher. These two bottlenose dolphins were born in captivity and trained as young dolphins to perform tricks and create strong bonds with their trainers.

Sam, the Male dolphin, was known to be very intelligent and enjoyed putting on a show for visitors. He is also the father and grandfather of most of the dolphins born at Zoomarine Algarve.

Cher, the female dolphin,  known for her ability to perform tricks through hoops, dancing, and tricks in the air.

Sam & Cher were very popular with visitors and helped make Zoomarine Algarve the successful theme park today.

We still remember watching Sam & Cher dancing ‘The Lambarda’, diving through the air from one side of the pool to the next.

Unfortunately Sam & Cher died in the early 2000s, but they are still remembered today. The Dolphin Show Arena has been renamed Sam’s Stadium as a tribute.

Zoomarine Algarve is one of the main Theme Parks of the Algarve, offering a variety of  marine shows, bird shows,  rides and attractions.

Zoomarine dolphin show shoing a dolphin diving
Zoomarine Algarve – Sam Stadium

Zoomarine Algarve Opening Times

It’s importmant that you check the opening and closing times  before you plan to visit Zoomarine.

They will vary throughout the year. 

Low Season – 03/10 – 25/11/23 Zoomarine Algarve is open from 10:00 – 17:00

Mid Season – 01/04 – 25/06 & 09/09 – 30/09/23 Zoomarine Algarve is open from 10:00 – 18:00

High Season – 26/06 – 08/09/23 – Zoomarine Algarve is open from 10:00 – 19:30

Our marine friends need their well deserved rest over the winter. Zoomarine Algarve Park will be closed from the 26/11/2023 until March 2024. 

Seal show zoomarine algarve 1

Zoomarine Algarve - What to see and Do?

Zoomarine has so much to see and do. We would recommend that you arrive early and spend the whole day at the park.

If you plan your day in advance you will have time see all the shows and enjoy the  rides and the zoomarine beach.

Zoomarine Attractions

We have outlined a list of everything you can do at Zoomarine.

To find out all the details for each attraction, just click on the name of the attractions or shows.

Zoomarine Algarve Attractions

The park is divided into several areas, including;








Can you swim with dolphins at Zoomarine Algarve?

Yes, you can swim with the dolphins. Zoomarine Algarve has a Dolphin Emotion Program with 3 options available to suit everyone and all ages.





This is an experience you do not want to miss out on. To be able to interact with these beautiful, intelligent mammals.

It is highly recommended that you pre-book your Dolphin Emotions in advance.

2 swimming pools with rock form wall in at zoomarine Algarve
Dolphin Emotions Program – Pools


Dolphin Emotions Encounter – Zoomarine Algarve

A new program designed especially for children over the age of 6 years old.

Ideal for children who do not know how to swim or are not comfortable in deep water.

6 or 7 year olds must be accompanied by a participant over the age of 16.

The program is approximately 60 minutes.

Includes an educational period where the children get to know the history, facts, environment, and other interesting facts about bottlenose dolphins. 

After the educational tutorial, it’s time to meet the dolphins!

They will spend approximately 20 minutes in the pool under the supervision of Zoomarine trainers.

Here, they will have their first contact with a bottlenose dolphin.

They will share some moments of affection and learn a couple of training moves to perform.

All this is done in the shallow end of the pool at an ideal depth for young children.

The Dolphin Emotions Encounter experience includes Free entry to the Theme Park; a Participation Certificate; Photos (1x individual printed + 3x digital format).

The group only has up to 10 children at a time.


How Much does it cost to swim with dolphins?

Low Season – 09/03 – 31/05/2023 & 01/10 – 25/11/2023

Buying your ticket Online – 125 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park – 137 euros

High Season – 01/06 – 30/09/2023

Buying your ticket Online – 145 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park – 157 euros

dolphin and person in the water at zoomarine Algarve

Dolphin Emotions Premium – Zoomarine Algarve

This program is ideal for over 8-year-olds, it is mandatory that you know how to swim. you will be swimming in shallow and deep water.

The Dolphin Emotions Premium is the best value program with a duration of 90 minutes.

You will receive an educational tutorial about bottlenose dolphins, including their habitat, behaviors, etc. 

It is time to meet the dolphins you will spend 35 minutes interacting with the bottlenose dolphins and performing an aquatic behaviour sequence.

The Dolphin Emotions Premium experience includes; Free entry to the Theme Park; a Participation Certificate; Photos (1x individual printed + 5x digital format); Video of the session (digital format).

The group only has up to 12 participants at a time.


Low Season – 09/03 – 31/05/2023 & 01/10 – 25/11/2023

Buying your ticket Online – 155 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park – 167 euros

High Season – 01/06 – 30/09/2023

Buying your ticket Online – 175 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park – 187 euros

Dolphin Emotions Exclusive – Zoomarine Algarve

This is the same program as the Dolphin Emotions Premium but, it’s an exclusive private lesson program with only 2 people participating at a time.

It is possible to add a 3rd person to the program.


Buying your ticket Online for 2 participants – 872 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park for 2 participants – 969 euros

3rd person ticket

Buying your ticket Online  – 198 euros

Buying your ticket at the Park – 218 euros

What shows can I see at Zoomarine Algarve?

  • Dream & Fantasy – Dolphin Show. A show that highlights the relationship of trust between trainers and dolphins.
dolphins & trainers swiming in pool at zoomarine Algarve
Dream and fantasy dolphin show Zoomarine Algarve
  • Sea Adventures Seals & Sea Lion Show. Travel the world and discover the seals and sea lions that inhabit our seas.



This show includes Macaws, parrots, and cockatoos revealing the color, sounds, and other secrets of the magical forest.


2 blue and yellow parrots together on a tree truck.
Flying Colours Show – Zoomarine Algarve
  • Wings of the World – Birds of Prey Show. You will be able to see where hawks, eagles, and owls.


White Flying owl at zoomarine algarve park
Wings of the World Show – Zoomarine Algarve


  • Pirates Bay – An acrobatic show full of fun and many pirates.


Pirate doing a back flip in a show
Photo credit of Zoomarine Algarve


The aquarium is home to a variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, a variety of fish and sea turtles.

You can watch the animals up close and learn about their habitats and behaviors. 

The Aquarium is open throughout the day.

Shark & fish in aquarium with a child watching
Zoomarine Algarve – Main Aquarium

Zoomarine 4D cinema

At the moment the 4D movie is  ICE AGE – NO TIME FOR NUTS. 

You will be given 3D glasses when you enter the cinema. you must return them on your way out

The movie shows how Scrat travels in time to search for his beloved nut while being zapped by a time machine.

During the movie, you will feel the wind and even feel the water splashing on you whilst you join Scrat on his adventure.

Make sure you check the movie schedule & times when you arrive at the park so you do not miss out on this fun 4D movie!

There are several viewing times throughout the day.

Water Rides & Pools

The Aquatube & Body Slide are fun water slides. Unfortunately, if you are under the height of 1.20m you are not allowed on these slides.

girl with glasses sliding down a yellow water slide at zoomarine algarve
Water Slide

From the 01/06 – 30/109/23 you will be able to try;

  • The Coconut River – A slow 400 metre river, that will take you through the tropical vegetation, 8 metre waterfalls and cliffs.


  • Fantasy Island – Ideal for the young ones. they will have their own mini water slides.


  • Treasure Island – Also designed for childrens, where they can play on the treasure island park with slides and activities.

All the pools are salt-watered pools. 

There is a large main pool, but the main attraction is the artificial beach with a wave pool.

Children have their own pool and play area ideal for small children.

Swimming pools at zoomarine
Zoomarine Swimming Pools

Butterfly Garden

In 2022 zoomarine opened the Butterfly garden.

Walk along the trail, see the exotic species of butterflies, of different sizes and colours.

They  will flutter about you and even land on your shoulder, your hand or on your clothing.

Please do not harm the butterflies.

There are information leaflets within the garden so you can learn about the metamorphosis of butterflies.

The variety of plants and flowers that fill this garden house the perfect environment for you to witness, up close, the fascinating life cycle of the butterfly.

Commencing from egg to caterpillar, from pupa to adult butterfly.

large blue and brown butterfly.
Butterfly garden


Restaurants at Zoomarine Algarve

You have a variety of choices of restaurants at the park. There are a few restaurants to choose from. Next to the pool area you have fast food restaurant such as burger and Fries, baguettes and snacks.

In front of the Dolphin Show arena you have a large indoor eating area.

You can also choose from pizza, charcoal chicken piri piri, tacos burgers etc.

In front of the 4D Cinema the restaurant offers set dishes with a variety of choice, such as vegetarian, meat dish or a fish dish.

Throughout the park you will also find snack stands for ice-creams and drinks.

Buying meals at the park can be costly especially if you are a family.

Can I take food into Zoomarine?

There is a grass picnic area near the pool area. You can take your own food and drink. Please do not take glass into the park.

There are also several picnic tables throughout the park. You will always find a place to have your meal.

Are there lockers at Zoomarine?

You can rent lockers to store your bags, you do not have to carry your things with you the whole day.


You can easily get to Zoomarine from all locations in the Algarve. Click on the map below to and insert your location to get the best and fast route to the park. 

How do I get to Zoomarine Algarve from my location?

Zoomarine Algarve is the perfect Theme Park if you’re looking for a unique experience or traveling with kids. We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

See what  Zoomarine Algarve has to offer in a day full of fun and adventure!